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By Maria Pengue | January 31, 2022 | 0 Comments

Where to Buy Newspapers in 2024? (+10 More Questions Answered)

The number of newspapers purchased has been declining for years, but it’s not difficult to find where to buy newspapers daily. Furthermore, many people still like to get their news from this media. In fact, 54% of readers prefer getting print copies of their papers over online editions. 

So, keep reading if you’re one of them and want to know all about how to find newspapers conveniently and spend less money on them. We have the answers to these and many other interesting questions.

Where Can I Buy Newspapers?

Tons of places around you offer newspapers. You can purchase print copies in convenience stores, transportation hubs, newspaper stands, and book stores. Additionally, you can subscribe to a specific newspaper, get a discount, and have it delivered to your home.

Popular newspapers also have online editions. Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend some time on research, you can find great ways to save on the issues you like or even get copies for free.

1. Where to Get a Free Newspaper?


Most popular newspapers aren’t available for free, especially the print editions. Subscribing to your favorite paper can get you a significant discount. Another way to save even more money is using a newspaper promo code from one of the coupon websites.

What’s more, some sites offer digital versions of newspapers, which you can get for free. As many people prefer reading an online copy, you can try with platforms such as PressReader. It offers a wide choice of the top magazines and newspapers globally.

2. Where Can I Buy the Sunday Newspaper?

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Currently, there are over 6,000 Sunday newspapers in the US. They can be purchased from any place that sells papers, but only on Sundays as the name suggests. It’s quite difficult to find such editions on any other day.

Places where you’ll most likely find Sunday newspapers are grocery stores, book shops, convenience stores, and gas stations. Hence, you should type in Google “newspaper near me” or go to the closest establishment to check whether they have any.

The most popular stores, such as CVS, Dollar Tree, Giant Eagle, Walmart, and 7-Eleven, almost always have the Sunday newspaper, so they should be your first choice. On the other hand, surprisingly, stores like Costco and Target don’t sell newspapers.

On average, a Sunday paper costs about $4. But, some places offer promotions and coupons, and its price can go as low as $3. In addition, some discount stores sell the newest papers for only a dollar.

3. Where to Buy The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily?

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The Investor’s Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal are a part of the Dow Jones network. This network’s newspapers can be found in convenience stores, newsstands, and transit hubs.

You can also buy a print copy of the IBD or The Wall Street Journal from their respective websites. There, you can purchase older editions, even from a decade ago. In case you need an even older copy, you can look for it on anydate.com or popular auction sites.

4. Where Can I Buy The Washington Post Newspaper Near Me?

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You can purchase The Washington Post anywhere you typically buy a newspaper — newsstands, convenience stores, and transit hubs.

Furthermore, you can order a print or an online version of the newspaper on The Washington Post’s official website. Currently, it’s possible to pay $0.99 every four weeks for a year instead of $10. You can also order back issues and special editions.

Where to Buy Newspapers - The New York Times

5. Where Can I Buy the New York Times Newspaper?

(The New York Times)

The New York Times is another popular newspaper found almost anywhere. Aside from the usual places, you can purchase the New York Times online on its official website. You can choose a print or a digital version of the paper there.

If you need old newspapers, you can go to the archive section of the website for articles that date back to 1996. For even older versions, you can check public libraries, the Historic Newspaper Archives website, and the Back Copies section of the NY Times website. The LexisNexis site is an excellent place, too, as it offers issues even from the 1980s.

6. Where Can I Buy the LA Times Newspaper?


You can find the Los Angeles Times on many larger newsstands. Alternatively, you can order a print or online version of the paper on its official website. You should go to the “Store” section to check your options. Back issues that are 30 to 60 days old are also available.

For subscribers, the Sunday edition on the official website goes for $4, while the daily issues can be purchased for $2. If you’re not subscribed to the LA Times, the prices are higher.

7. Where Can I Buy an Old Newspaper?


You can buy old newspaper editions in many different places. In case you’re looking for a specific paper, you should search on its official website. Most famous newspapers have an archive section that allows you to buy editions from older dates.

Moreover, you can look for older newspapers at your local newspaper office. They should have copies of older unsold editions from newsstands. However, if you need old paper for wrapping or cleaning, you can ask for misprinted copies of rolls of unused newspaper.

Alternatively, you can find old newspapers by Googling “newsstand near me’’ or in any place where papers are displayed and free to take. For instance, nursing homes, coffee shops, schools, and universities often purchase and offer large portions of popular newspapers.

You can also ask at gas stations and convenience stores for older copies. Local libraries should also have some past issues. Lastly, recycling centers are a smart place to check for older papers.

8. Where to Buy Magazines?


You’ll probably find the magazine you want to buy in any place where you would get newspapers. Thus, gas stations, bus stations, markets, convenience stores, and newsstands are good places to check out.

In addition, most establishments that sell books will also offer a variety of different magazines. Often pharmacies have a magazine section, too. Finally, some websites provide free copies of older magazines. ValueMags, for instance, is a great website with a large offer of older magazine copies.

Where to Buy Newspapers - Newspaper Delivery

9. How to Get Newspapers Delivered


If there is a specific newspaper you would like to have delivered to your house by paperboy, you’ll be able to order it on its official website. Some papers offer free shipping for regular subscribers, while others charge for the delivery. You can find all the info on the shipping costs on their sites.

Alternatively, you could go to the newspaper section on Amazon to see if they have the copy you want. The conditions for delivery are the same as with any Amazon product.

10. Do Walmart, CVS, and Dollar Tree Sell Newspapers?

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All three establishments sell newspapers. Walmart has thousands of stores all over the US, so chances are you’ll have one pretty close to you. Furthermore, many of them are open 24/7, so they are perfect for those that forgot to purchase their copies during the day.

CVS opened around 10,000 pharmacies around the US. They accept different coupons and discount cards, so you’ll be able to purchase your favorite paper at a much lower price than in most other stores.

It’s possible to find newspapers in Dollar Tree stores. These discount stores will sell you editions for only a dollar. However, you should keep in mind that not all of them offer papers. 

However, you can contact your local Dollar Tree to double-check. It’s likely you won’t be able to purchase more than three copies, as most Dollar Tree establishments have a limit on how many issues customers can buy.


Hopefully, you found all the information on print newspaper subscriptions and how to get copies at a lower price or even free of charge. We tried to make your search as easy as possible by listing the most popular places that sell printed versions of popular papers. 

In addition, we gave you a few ideas on finding older versions or special editions. That way, you can find the newspaper you are looking for and even save some money along the way.