Who We Are

letter.ly is the ultimate recruitment platform for the diverse, expansive, and constantly evolving journalism industry.

Our mission is to bridge the talent gap in order to help traditional print, radio, and television, as well as digital companies of all sizes, to fill key roles in their editorial and broadcast teams.

Our dynamic labor market is a godsend to recruiters. If you are an employer, we can give you some good “press” that could send your message across and attract the best talents available.

Whether you are looking for new members for your in-house team or reliable independent contractors for transient projects, we offer you the luxury of finding the right candidates in one place.

Our ever-growing number of visitors means that you could build your Rolodex of brilliant reporters, diligent editors, ardent photojournalists, and fastidious news producers, to name a few, more quickly and conveniently.

As a one-stop shop for job seekers, we provide an abundance of quality listings that can satisfy all imaginable journalistic career goals, fields of interest, salary demands, geographical preferences, and work arrangements.

If you are a job hunter, our recruitment hub can give your credentials supreme exposure to grab the attention of apolitical news agencies, niche publishing outfits, and mainstream media companies, among others.

It does not matter if you want to just get employed and gain some experience, be part of something bigger than yourself and make a difference in the world, or both. Using letter.ly will grant you exclusive access to sought-after journalism job postings and get in touch with top recruiters seamlessly.

Our Story

letter.ly is a fitting response to the notion that journalism is dead. The democratization of information has indeed empowered the masses to seek and consume content as much as they want, whenever they want. However, the price of this newfound freedom is the growing pervasiveness of misinformation.

Some people say that the value of journalists in society has diminished in the 21st century. But it could not be further from the truth.

Competent and responsible journalists are more important than ever. And they are not a dying breed. They still exist; many of them are just struggling to cut through the noise in our increasingly distracted world.

letter.ly is here to enable competent and responsible journalism professionals to connect with parties that can give them legitimate platforms to pursue their true callings while enjoying the benefits of rewarding employment.

We are the good news. And the word is now out.

Meet Our Team

Milos Djordjevic – Founder

“I’m a journalism graduate with a wealth of experience as an Editor-in-Chief at a prestigious online publication with a global audience. As a self-made wordsmith with a nose for good stories, I have profound respect for the journalistic profession and the sanctity of the freedom of the press. By building and running letter.ly, I hope to open as many doors for my comrades in the media as possible.”