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Pay: $15-20 per hearing/hour-

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ACE Reporting is a nationwide court reporting firm that holds multiple government contracts.

ACE is currently hiring for the position of “verbatim hearing reporter”, an official federal contracting position. (


  • No previous experience in this field is required to apply for this job.
  • Must be able to pass a background check in order to be considered.
  • Some college is preferred, but not mandatory, in any field. Flexible hours offered.
  • The average pay is $15-$20 per hour.
  • On-site individual training will be provided.
  • Core Competencies Required
  • Being well-organized, able to get along with.
  • Professional dress, computer savvy, and attention to detail are paramount.
  • Self-motivated, respectful, and willing to work in a respected government contracting position.
  • ACE Reporting has been awarded a contract to do Social Security Administration Disability Hearings.

ACE is in search of reliable, professional hearing reporters to provide service for this contract. Our government contract provides payment to ACE per hearing, and no transcripts are to be done. The reporters digitally record the hearings, per statute, and take specific verbatim log notes of each hearing. Each hearing lasts no longer than one hour. There will be, on average, 5 hearings per day, per venue. Lunch breaks will typically be at least 30‐60 minutes, and if the last hearing of the day gets done earlier, the reporter is free to leave.

Job Duties And Process

The venue provides the computer, along with technicians on-site in case there are any issues. It is a regular courtroom setting with an ALJ presiding. The reporter does not handle exhibits or mark exhibits. Our only job in this venue is to show up, log in to the computer with our PIV card, (each reporter will be issued this after completing their background check), and monitor the recording, along with taking the required verbatim notes on the computer. Training is done on-site by each individual office, and each VHR will be required to sign documents of security.

Pre-hiring Process

Each Hearing Reporter will be required to provide their social security number to complete a government and criminal background check, including fingerprints for a suitability determination by the SSA (Social Security Administration). This process takes approximately 30-days. Once the reporter has successfully completed the process, they will be issued a government PIV card and immediately start training.


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