About the job

This is a full-time position with the Late Show.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is hiring a News Researcher. This person will be tasked with providing The Late Show writers & producers with information related to the show’s monologue, field pieces, and other news-driven segments. They will be proactive in their search for the day’s biggest and most viral stories and responsible for fact-checking scripts on those topics and more. This position is in-office, based in New York, and all employees must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Research experience is a must, specifically in politics and pop culture, technology, and science. The candidate will need to be read in on everything from the latest legislation out of Washington, to what’s new in the world of robotics, to what’s trending on Twitter, Instagram & TikTok. This candidate will be responsible for avidly consuming content from all corners of cable news, major news outlets, and social media to help curate current events and lighter news stories relevant to our audience. They will be responsible for discerning which news stories can contribute comedically to the show and presenting them to comedy writers and producers. They must have an acute attention to detail and be experienced in fact-checking scripts on complex and often nuanced topics.


  • Experience in fact-checking and compiling research for a news outlet or similar platform.
  • Strong editorial judgment as to what stories/facts/details/data work for a comedy program and are relevant to our audience.
  • Strong grasp of political news and knowledge of the inner workings of government.
  • An extensive understanding of social media and where to find trending and viral content.


  • At least two years of television production, journalism, academic research or equivalent.
  • Experience working with talent.
  • Acute attention to detail.
  • Interest in all genres of news – political, entertainment/pop culture, tech, science, etc.
  • General curiosity for topics covered on the show.
  • Must be highly organized and able to independently create thorough yet concise research packets.
  • Well-read.
  • As part of the commitment to health and safety, The Late Show requires COVID-19 vaccines and COVId -19 booster shots (if eligible according to CDC guidelines for current employees, including all newly hired employees, subject to applicable law.

Paramount believes in creating environments that allow our primary focus to remain on providing entertainment, education and information to our millions of viewers around the world. As part of this commitment to health and safety, Paramount requires COVID-19 vaccines for current U.S. employees, including all newly hired employees, subject to applicable law. Union employees are subject to the agreement reached between the Company and the applicable Union.