News Editor

Central City, IA 52214
  • April 8, 2021

Full Job Description
Overall Responsibilities:

Works with Managing Editor to oversee all facets of the weekly publication and all special sections.
Manages editorial process for their location. Reflects the values of the ESOP culture, the corporation’s vision, mission and core values, in developing annual operating and long-range plans.
By example, and through empowerment, functions as the primary resource within the office in developing knowledge, skills and behavior related to the success of the ESOP, participatory management, customer service and other important aspects of WCI’s culture.
Provides recommendations to the Managing Editor on direction and opportunities for publication content and coverage in the division.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Covers government, sports, features and/or other community beats as needed.
  • Writes fair, accurate, complete and timely news and feature stories and take or obtain photos and graphics as needed, along with supporting data and information, to meet newspaper deadlines
  • Trains editorial employee owners (interns, reporters and others involved in editorial processes).
  • Works with Managing Editor to develop and recommend goals/action plans for publication content and news/sports coverage.
  • Other job-related duties as assigned.
  • Actively participates in the Great Game of Business.

Behavior: A leader who acts consistently with the values of WCI as expressed through the vision, mission, ESOP culture, and core values. Acts in a manner that encourages employee owners’ involvement through participatory management. Considered approachable to others. Is an excellent communicator. High level of self-motivation. Maintains confidentiality. Active in community and industry organizations. Maintains a valid driver’s license.

Skills: Strong writing/editing abilities. High level of “people skills” essential. Skilled in leadership, research, problem solving, customer service, communication and teamwork required.

Knowledge: College degree or equivalent in journalism, communications or related field. Knowledge of leadership, participatory management, communication and team work essential. Familiarity with management concepts and practices, overall newspaper operations, current events and history. Proficient with computers and publishing-related programs.