The ideal candidate is an aggressive and experienced reporter with intense curiosity and an unrelenting commitment to getting past the surface of a story. The successful candidate can handle all aspects of producing their story for all platforms. We want a reporter who is engaging and informative and comfortable digging into documents as developing sources, jumping on breaking news and taking advantage of all platforms to help tell their stories.

Our reporters work hand in hand with the television producers, web content producers and photographers – gathering and developing news for all our platforms. They are expected to develop community contacts, confirm and pitch enterprise stories with value and to understand what it means to investigate daily not just during sweeps.

Their work appears both on-air and online. They are required to maintain a strong social media presence and meet station set goals each day.

This position does not regularly work with a Photographer.

  • Strong reading and writing skills
  • Ability to investigate story tips
  • Writes stories for use first on-line and then on-air
  • Is familiar with pronunciation of names and places in stories
  • Utilizes AP style guide
  • Breaks stories through excellent use of community contacts and journalistic investigative skills
  • Field reports as assigned
  • Works directly with broadcast producer for success of show – this includes writing content for the broadcast each day
  • Works with producer and managers for understanding of broadcast including both written and video elements
  • Creates and maintains story notes and files in the iNews electronic system
  • Develops and maintains contacts
  • Participates in news editorial process including story pitching, vetting, digital delivery and development of enterprise content
  • Ability to shoot material as well as edit is required


  • Must be able to work flexible hours including early mornings, evenings and/or weekends and holidays.
  • Maintains professional appearance, works with News Director prior to any radical changes
  • Works to put best personal appearance forth on air each day
  • Makes station appearances as requested by Community Affairs or others
  • Maintains professional standards in public as representative of station

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