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Top 26 Instagram Stories Stats for 2024

Instagram Story is a photo or short video that vanishes after 24 hours. It’s a simple and convenient feature that people seem to be quite fond of. Considering that Stories vanish after 24 hours, that creates a sense of urgency, even some sort of FOMO. 

The engagement is also simpler. With a traditional post, you have to like, share, or leave a comment. With Instagram Story, watching is participating. Sure, the creator has an option to add a poll or slider to the Story, thus enabling additional engagement. The nature of this feature makes Instagram Stories stats quite fascinating. Here are several things you might be interested in.

Top 8 Instagram Stories Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • More than 86% of all Instagram users use Stories.
  • Instagram launched Stories in August 2016.
  • There are about 500 million daily active Instagram Story users. 
  • Over 130 million users each month tap to view IG shopping tags.
  • 36% of businesses use Instagram Stories to promote their products or services.
  • Instagram Stories are the second most popular content format for influencers.
  • 58% of all brands have created an Instagram Story.
  • Instagram Story videos can be up to 15 seconds long.

Instagram Story Insights in 2021

1. There are about 500 million daily active Instagram Story users. 

(The Marketing Pipeline)

Instagram has one billion users in total. That means that every other Instagram user is a daily Instagram Story viewer. While there are other platforms with an impressive number of users, it’s hard to find such a dedicated audience as this one. 

2. Instagram launched Stories in August 2016.


Even though this feature was launched only four years ago, it was an instant success. It’s incredibly easy to use, which makes it quite appealing to broader audiences. Live Stories was another feature that was added a bit later that year in November. 

3. Businesses upload one-third of the most viewed Stories on Instagram.

(Pancake Digital Solutions)

One interesting phenomenon noticed during Instagram Stories analytics is that businesses seem to be among the most popular content creators on the platform. If you are a company owner and you are not using Instagram Stories to promote your brand, now is the right time to start. 

4. 58% of all brands have created an Instagram Story.

(Jumper Media)

According to some of the latest statistics, brands are some of the most diligent Instagram Story authors. Namely, as many as 58% of all brands have created an Instagram Story. There’s a notion that brands prefer posting standard posts, but the difference is not nearly as drastic as you might have thought. When it comes to Instagram post vs. Story, it’s worth mentioning that brands post 54% of regular posts and 46% of Stories.

5. More than 86% of all Instagram users use Stories.


According to some of the latest surveys, as many as 86.6% of all Instagram users post Stories daily. Not only that, but they are incredibly receptive to all sorts of branded messages. Somewhere between 15% and 25% of them will swipe up on a link within a brand’s Story.

6. Video length for IG Stories is up to 15 seconds.


When it comes to those interested in some of the lesser-known Instagram video stats, there’s a rule that a Story can’t exceed 15 seconds. Any Story that lasts longer will automatically be split into multiple videos. This is why there are so many Stories that seem like they are a part of a longer video.

7. Millennials and Gen Zers use Instagram for news.

(The Guardian)

In this day and age, a surprisingly large number of people are getting their news from social media. According to a recent study, 25% of US respondents aged 18–24 used Instagram for news, while only 17% used newspapers to find information. In Germany, for instance, the percentage of those who got informed on Instagram was a whopping 38%.

Instagram Story Use by Demographic Group

8. Instagram Story viewers are also viewing Stories on other platforms.

(Sprout Social)

When talking about Instagram Stories stats, there’s a particular pattern that shouldn’t be neglected. Namely, there are about 500 million viewers of Stories on Facebook (with Messenger), Instagram, and WhatsApp Status. Snapchat’s number is considerably lower at 190 million. 

9. Three factors determine the order of Instagram Stories.

(Jumper Media)

One of the most interesting facts discovered by Instagram Story analytics is how the order of Stories is determined. Stories are played in a sequence. However, the first several Stories attract attention and are likely to be clicked on. The algorithm determines this based on three factors. First, you have the likelihood of interest (based on previous content). Second, the timeline of the post plays a role. Finally, the relationship to the person posting is relevant. 

10. The Instagram audience is 52% female and 48% male.


As you can see, the gender difference is quite insignificant. When it comes to the way this reflects on IG Stories, there’s really no general rule. Males and females use this feature the same as traditional Instagram posts.

11. 37% of American adults are Instagram users.


There are many interesting statistics regarding Instagram demographics. As many as 37% of American adults are Instagram users. As expected, 67% of people aged 18–29 use Instagram. The same goes for 47% of people aged 30–49 and 23% aged 50–64. The biggest problem is the unknown number of children on Instagram. Many users lie about their age and parental control is not as strict as it’s supposed to be.

12. The best time to post on Instagram for education is Friday at 10 AM.

(Sprout Social)

There are many millennials and Gen Z Instagram users, which makes Instagram quite appealing to educational institutions. According to some stats on Instagram Stories, the best time for Instagram education engagement is Friday around 10 AM. Posting at this time can help universities and schools boost their online presence. 

13. The highest global engagement on Instagram is on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 AM. 

(Sprout Social)

When speaking about the absolute peak of engagement, we’re talking about Wednesday at 11 AM and Friday from 10 AM to 11 AM. This is, beyond doubt, the best time to post to IG Stories. During this period, people are halfway through a hard day at work and want a brief mental getaway. That’s exactly what social media and features like Stories provide.

14. The number of brand-sponsored influencer posts on Instagram was 6.12 million last year.


Influencer marketing is huge on Instagram at the moment. In order to delve deeper into the topic of sponsored Instagram Stories, it’s vital to discuss the volume of this sponsored content as a whole. By the end of June 2020, there were 6.12 million influencer posts on Instagram. In 2019, there were only 4.95 million such posts during this same period. 

Instagram Stories Stats - Influencer

Instagram Stories and Influencer Marketing

15. Over 130 million users each month tap to view IG shopping tags.


When talking about Instagram Story advertising, it’s important to mention that more than 130 million users every month tap to view Instagram shopping tags and learn more about products. Instagram users can then view a mobile site and complete a purchase right away. The easier it is to shop, the more sales a brand will make.  

16. Instagram Stories are the second most popular content format for influencers.

(The Marketing Pipeline)

When discussing influencer marketing, it’s important to mention that Instagram Stories are the second favorite feature used by influencers. Instagram posts are still number one on this list. Still, the global audience requests a variety of content types, which is why influencers use Stories every day. This is one of the Instagram users statistics that makes a huge impact on the marketing world in practice.

17. 62% of all Instagram users become more interested in a brand or a product after seeing a Story about it.

(The Marketing Pipeline)

Another relevant Instagram business statistics is that 62% of all Instagram users become more interested in a brand after seeing a Story about it. The attention span of an average Instagram (or social media user) is not that long, which is perhaps why this shorter format appeals to them.

18. 36% of businesses use Instagram Stories to promote their products or services.

(Pancake Digital Solutions)

About 36% of businesses use Instagram Stories to promote their products or services. The second most common type of Stories is the so-called “inside look” that gives viewers a short preview. The most crucial take on these Instagram Stories business stats is that product promotion is the number one goal of businesses owners on Instagram. 

19. Stories account for about 34% of all of Instagram’s sponsored content.

(Pancake Digital Solutions)

As much as 34% of all sponsored content on Instagram are Stories. The cost-effectiveness and overall efficiency of this feature for product and brand promotion is attracting more and more companies. The numbers are expected to go up even more in years to come. 

Most Relevant Instagram Story Trends

20. Brand Stories had an 85% completion rate in 2020.


A lot of people skip through a Story that they don’t have any interest in. So, how many people skip brand Stories? According to some of the latest surveys, about 85% actually complete the Story, which is a significant increase from 2018 when the completion rate was 69%. This is perhaps one of the strongest incentives to invest even more in IG Stories’ video advertising.

21. Interactivity in Stories ads increases engagement in nine out of ten beta campaigns.


If brands want to increase engagement, interactive Instagram Stories are worth considering. According to statistics, 60% of brands use interactive stickers to connect with their audience. In nine out of ten beta campaigns, adding a sticker poll increases the video watch time by three seconds. For the majority of businesses, this is a straightforward and reliable way to conduct a public opinion survey and see where they stand. 

22. Instagram Stories stickers improve video performance 83% of the time. 


One of the simplest ways to increase video engagement on Stories is to use stickers. Brands can use them to ask questions, raise awareness of a specific topic, mention other brands, give out gift cards, etc. Amongst Instagram Stories trends, this one is the most effective. Creating a Story is a fairly simple task, and there’s no reason to pass up this opportunity. 

23. The aspect ratio for Instagram Stories is 9:16.


Even though the IG Stories aspect ratio is 9:16 by default, that doesn’t place that many restrictions on the resolution of the image. Acceptable resolutions are 1024×576, 1152×648, 1280×720, 1366×768, 1600×900, 1080×1920, 2560×1440, 3840×2160, and 7680×4320. The 1080x1920px resolution is most recommended, though. It’s also worth mentioning that reduced resolution decreases upload time. 

24. The maximum size of an IG photo is 30MB.


This shouldn’t be that big of a deal, considering that most images don’t exceed 10MB. Still, those using quality cameras may find the RAW file size to be somewhat bigger. Converting this to a JPEG file may reduce the quality, but it will also reduce the file size.

25. IG videos should be less than 4GB.


As far as video marketing stats on Instagram Stories go, it’s worth noting that the maximum size of an IG video is 4GB. Since we’ve already mentioned that Instagram Stories video can’t exceed 15 seconds, this is more than enough. Still, if needed, using a video converter is also an option. 

26. As many as 70% of all Instagram Stories are watched with the sound turned on.


Recent Instagram Stories analytics reveal that as many as 70% of all Instagram Stories are watched with the sound turned on. For a lot of traditional posts, this is not the case. If a brand’s message, an interesting video, or a joke relies on sound for a punchline, it’s far safer to turn it into a Story because the sound is turned on by default. 


As it turns out, Instagram Stories are growing in popularity. Due to all the engagement figures, paid IG Stories seem to be worth the price. Additionally, this feature is used by both individuals and businesses alike. These Stories increase engagement, boost public interest, and attract attention. 

Even though the Instagram Stories feature has been around for only four years, the truth is that it’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media marketing. Its use in popular culture shouldn’t be underestimated either. Since it’s an integral part of Instagram, it’s used by millions on a daily basis. This is probably one of the most interesting facts about Instagram Stories out there.


How long does an Instagram Story last?

Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t add your Story to Story Highlights and save it on your profile. Also, you have the option to delete a Story before it expires if you change your mind. 

How many Instagram Stories are posted a day?

Somewhere about 500 million people around the world use Instagram Stories every single day. In order to put these incredible Instagram Stories stats into perspective, it’s worth mentioning that its closest competitor Snapchat has merely 190 million daily users. Now, take into consideration that the average posting frequency for Instagram Stories is 2.3 posts weekly, and you’ll start seeing their full magnitude.

When did Instagram Stories launch?

This feature was launched in August 2016. Since then, other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp have also introduced something similar. This was all due to the immense popularity of Instagram Stories.

What is the IG Stories maximum posting?

The maximum number of Instagram Stories posted in 24 hours is 100. It does matter if you post photos or videos, the limit is the same. This is one of the lesser-known Instagram Stories facts because the majority of Instagram users never reach this limit. 

Why use IG Stories?

The list of reasons why people like and use IG Stories is quite long. Firstly, they are temporary, which means that you don’t have to worry too much about editing or reviewing them. Secondly, they give greater insight into who is following them on Instagram. Many people are silent observers of other people’s photos, and those who upload them are sometimes worried about the lack of insight. With Stories, you can see exactly who’s following your posts, even if you can’t check how many times they’ve seen the Story.

How many Instagram users are there?

According to the latest results and Instagram insights, there are about one billion people in the world who use Instagram. While it’s also true that there is a major discrepancy between Instagram users by country, this platform has already spread globally. With features like the Instagram Story, this platform has no trouble bringing in new users every year.

When is Instagram most active?

The best time for posting on Instagram is Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Among the most relevant Instagram Stories stats, it’s also important to mention that Instagram does have a lower engagement before 6 AM and after 9 PM. So, if you aim for the maximum reach, you might want to avoid these parts of the day when uploading.