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How Many Blogs Are There?

Everyone’s an influencer these days. People have blogs about fashion, makeup, cooking, fitness, and basically whatever comes to mind.


How many blogs have people actually created?

As of January 2nd, 2019, the number of blogs in the world was around 600 million. 

Oh, yes.


Unfortunately, giving an exact figure is impossible.  That’s because not all bloggers are active and some don’t share their data. 

But we do have some numbers for you!

1. How Many People Read Blogs?


Roughly, 77% of internet users read blogs. The number of readers has increased over the years compared to when blogs first came into the limelight. 

Would you like to start a blog?

There are plenty of options available for you if you’d like to build your blog. Note that each site is unique in terms of:

  • Features
  • Costs
  • User-friendliness
  • Maintenance
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Extendability

The most popular blog sites (top five) are as follows;

  • – A flexible option for self-hosted blogs.
  • – Perfect for beginners but comes with limited options.
  • – Another excellent alternative for beginners with its drag and drop functionality that’s easy to use. 
  • – Powerful site but requires technical knowledge.
  • – Easy to set up, but comes with limited options.

2. How Many Bloggers Are There?


Roughly speaking around 600 million.

More than 31 million of them are in the US. They actively post at least once a month. Amongst them are bloggers who share content to personal blog sites to keep the traditional spirit of blogging going. 

3. What Types of Blogs Are There?


What type of blog would you like to set up? There are different types of blogs available, allowing you to deliver your content in a way you prefer.

Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Personal blogs – Diary-like expression of what’s on your mind.
  • Business blogs – Suitable for representing existing businesses on the internet to either attract more clients or for brand exposure.
  • Niche blogs – Blogs that cover one topic, product, or service.
  • Professional websites – Money making blogs that allow users to monetize either through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, or ads.
  • Reverse blogs – Have multiple authors, for instance, web forums.
  • Media blogs – Visually stimulating blogs such as photo blogs, vlogs, or podcasts.
  • Microblogs – Blogs with very short posts when it comes to word count.

4. How Many Food Blogs Are There?


It’s impossible to tell the exact number of food bloggers worldwide. However, they could be millions since the food niche is an evergreen topic.

Just ask Gordon Ramsay. 

There are plenty of popular personal blog sites that teach people how to cook by using videos and photos. The blog owners create all of their content by themselves, with their own ideas, twists and photos. 

Are you interested in starting your own blog?

Here’s a list of 100 influential food blogs to motivate you:

  • The Recipe Critic
  • Skinnytaste
  • Chef in Training
  • Cookies and Cups
  • The Sporkful

5. How Many Fashion Bloggers Are There?


Like with the food category, it’s also hard to tell the exact number of fashion blogs out there. However, fashion is a multibillion-dollar industry, so there must be millions of fashion blogs in the blogosphere.

In case you need some inspiration, here are top 5 fashion bloggers:

  • Alexa Chung
  • Danielle Bernstein
  • Caroline Daur
  • Miroslava Duma
  • Janni Olsson Deler 

6. How Many WordPress Blogs Are There?


Blogging statistics show that 500 website builders are opting for WordPress to build websites daily. WordPress manages 8% of the top 100 performing blogs.

How Many Blogs Are There - Traveler

7. How Many Travel Blogs Are There?


Like with the other niches, the exact number of blogs in the travel category is also hard to determine. 

Traveling is more popular now than ever. With cheap flight options available, you can travel to both popular and exotic destinations.

It’s no wonder people are buzzing with excitement to share their experience!

Here are the top 5 travel blogs to fire you up:

  • USA Travel Blog
  • Visit the USA
  • Loving New York
  • Blogger at Large
  • Everything Everywhere

8. How Many Lifestyle Blogs Are There?


Lifestyle blogs cover topics like local news, politics, art, or culture. Statistics on bloggers show that this is yet another popular niche. 

However, it’s hard to put a number on the exact amount of blogs in this category – we could be talking about millions!

Here are some of the top lifestyle blogs:

  • Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine
  • A Cup of Jo | Style, Culture, Motherhood, Travel, Food & Life
  • Conscious Lifestyle Magazine | The Mind Body Spirit Magazine, Evolved
  • Camille Styles – A Healthy Life, Well Styled
  • Vulcan Post – Top Tech Lifestyle Blog

9. How Many Blogs Are There in 2020?


As of 2020, there were more than 600 million blogs in the world. 

The stats represent the number of blogs by most popular weblogs that have shared their data and are still active.

10. How Many New Blogs Are Being Created Daily?


Bloggers create about 5,760,000 blogs per day. Minute-wise, about 4000 blog posts enter the blogosphere every minute. 

With so many blogs available to readers, what are the most successful bloggers doing to stay at the top? 

Half the bloggers write more 2000-word blogs to remain relevant when. Their goal is to appear on page one of Google. 

11. How Many Blogs Are There on Tumblr?

(Mediakix, Statista)

Yahoo owns Tumblr, where users generate content and post it on the social networking platform. As of January 2020, there were around 488.1 million blogs on Tumblr. 

In 2011, the microblogging website had approximately 17.1 million blogs. This shows that the site has grown in leaps and bounds! 

It looks like the top bloggers in the world love Tumblr. Here are the site’s statistics about global traffic: 

  • 45.95% of the site’s traffic came from the US.
  • The UK came in second, at 5.68%.
  • Canada came in third at 5.36%.
  • Brazil came in fourth at 3.08%.
  • Lastly, Australia came in fifth at 3.56%.


Blogging is a great way to share your views with like-minded people! 

It is suitable for both individuals and businesses. There’s no shortage of blog-type alternatives to help you convey your content! You can choose between personal, business, professional, reverse, niche, or microblogs. 

Also, it’s possible to make a living from blogging through monetization as opposed to blogging as a hobby. Businesses looking to gain more traffic can also start blogs to bring their products or services in front of millions of potential customer’s eyes.