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What is mainWP?

What is mainWP?

While we respect what MainWP offers, we believe our service provides a unique and enhanced user experience that sets us apart.

Here’s why:

We offer a streamlined setup. With one plugin and a cloud dashboard, getting started is a breeze.

Our system is self-contained, meaning there are no dependencies or additional add-ons/plugins to install.

We provide off-shore backups, ensuring your data is secure and accessible.

When it comes to features, we’re confident in the extensive functionality we provide:

Effortlessly publish content directly from Google Docs to your website, including images, with just one click.

1-minute Uptime monitoring.

Manage DNS records and perform DNS lookups right from the dashboard.

Monitor multiple URLs with our Pagespeed Insights feature.

Get real-time activity logs for immediate insight into your site’s performance.

Schedule automated malware scans for proactive security.

Track SSL and domain expiry with our monitoring tools.

Conduct technical site audits for comprehensive performance reviews.

Access SEO and Analytics data to optimize your site.

Utilize Auto links for easy internal linking.

And much more…

All these capabilities are accessible from one simple, user-friendly dashboard.

We’re dedicated to making your web management as efficient and effective as possible. Give us a try and experience the difference!