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25 Interesting Podcast Statistics For 2020

Let’s be honest.

All of us think that we and our friends are hilarious enough to make a podcast.

Podcasts have been wildly rising in popularity over the last few years. They have now evolved into a mainstream information juggernaut, and show no sign of dipping in their momentum of popularity.

But how can you make your podcast successful?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We produced this guide, to give you an overview of podcast statistics at present. They will surely help you on your journey.

Let’s dive in!

Top Need-To-Know Podcast Statistics (Editors Choice)

  • In 2019, 78% of consumers in the US were aware of podcasts.
  • 78% of US adults are familiar with podcasting.
  • Only 49% of them have actually listened to a podcast.
  • The estimated podcast listenership base might be around 132 million people in the US.
  • Studies from 2019 show the top countries for podcasting to be Chile, Argentina, and Peru. 

A General Look At Podcasts

1. Approximately 68% of South Koreans listen to podcasts.


South Korea leads the way in podcast popularity. The country has a total of 68% of its population consistent with the number of average podcast downloads per month. They are boasting the world’s highest average.

2. Studies reveal that Apple Podcasts have over 700,000 podcasts on their platform.


Apple have confirmed that they have 719,000 podcasts on the platform at present.

Experts predict a future growth rate of 150%.

Simply mind-blowing!

3. Google said to have indexed 2 million podcasts to date.

(The Verge)

Google has officially announced statistics which show that they have indexed over two million podcasts. Most of them are related to Apple podcast stats and their giant market share of the industry.

Experts predict this figure to rise sharply as podcast usage increases.

4. In 2018, podcast revenue was $400 million.


In 2018 podcast revenue grew to over $400 million.

By the end of 2020, that figure is predicted to grow to $659 million.

Analysts say that this is directly linked to iTunes, so keep an eye on iTunes podcast stats!

5. Nearly 40% of listeners have stated that they made a purchase as a result of a podcast.

(Podcast Insights)

Experts say that 38% of podcast listeners state they’ve purchased products or services mentioned within those podcasts. 

The amount of influence they have on listeners is grossly underestimated by podcasters. The same goes for advertisers, who often neglect to advertise on podcasts.

Apple podcast statistics point that the amount of influence advertisers have on listeners of podcasts is enormous. In very few mediums can a 38% listen-to-buy-rate be found. This influence will most probably rise steadily over the next few years, resulting in podcasting becoming a goldmine for advertisers.

6. Around 44% of podcast listeners are female.

(Edison Research)

Podcast studies show that 44% of podcast listeners are female, whereas 56% are male. This figure has influenced the list of what is considered to be the most successful podcasts.

This trend is set to change as female listeners are increasing at a faster rate than male ones. Experts predict that as early as 2021 female podcast listeners will exceed males.

7. Women who listen to podcasts tend to earn more.


Statistics from 2019 show that female podcast listeners seem to have a higher education. They also seem to be having a higher income than the general population.

8. Podcast Demographics show Hispanic podcast listeners make up 11% of total listeners in the US.

(Inside Radio)

According to Inside Radio: 

  • 59% of people listening to podcasts are white.
  • 12% of listeners are African-American.
  • 11% of podcast listeners are Hispanic / Latino.
  • 7% of listeners are Asian.

9. According to studies, podcast listener diversity has dramatically increased since 2008.

(The Next Web)

In 2008, 73% of the podcast listeners were white.

It dropped 59% of listeners by 2019. The average podcast length also dropped. 

This shows that there might be a correlation between the two areas.

10. Most podcast listeners have an average income of $75,000.


51% of monthly active podcast listeners have an annual household income of at least $75,000 compared to 38% of the general population.

11. On average, 61% of monthly podcast fans have a four-year college degree.

(Advertising Week 360)

Studies show 61% of podcast listeners have a college degree. Podcast download statistics show that this is because of increased podcast exposure in college.

So graduates normally leave college with the chance of having 4 years of exposure to podcasts.

12. Studies show that 51% of Americans ages 12 or older have ever listened to a podcast.

(The Podcast Host)

Reports from 2019 showed that 51% of Americans, aged 12 or older, had listened to a podcast.

This figure has also substantially increased over the last decade. The latest trends in podcasting statistics show that amazingly, 44 million Americans have listened to a podcast!

13. There have been 13.7 billion episode downloads on iTunes.


Podcasts on Apple’s iTunes have been growing fast.

In 2014, there were 7 billion podcast downloads. Then In 2016, that number jumped to 10.5 billion downloads. In 2017, that figure was 13.7 billion episode downloads and streams, across Podcasts and iTunes.

And in 2019, Apple Podcasts have passed 50 billion all-time episode downloads and streams. This shows that iTunes podcast download statistics are stronger than ever.

14. Fastest growing international popularity of podcasts is at 83%.


According to studies, the countries in which podcasting is growing the fastest are South Korea and Chile.

South Korea leads the way with the number of podcast listeners, but Chile is hot on its heels. With a growth of 83.9% growth just in the last few years, Chile is set to become the biggest podcast consumer in the world.

Following closely behind are the following countries:

  • Argentina (55.28%)
  • Peru (49.1%)
  • Mexico (47.84%)
  • China (43.62%)

It is interesting to note that all of those countries have also been named as popular destinations for digital nomads.

Podcast Statistics - Microphone

15. There are a total of 18.5 million podcast episodes on Apple.

(Tech Crunch)

In total, it is estimated that there are 29 million podcasts episodes currently available online.

According to iTunes Podcast Statistics, a massive 18.5 million of them reside with Apple.

16. Podcasts statistics show that podcasters have generated millions of dollars.


Podcasts are more than just a convenient information resource for listeners. They have also been proven to be excellent wealth-building sources for podcasters.

Some of the highest earners in the world, such as Joe Rogan, are commanding $30 million per year. 

However, even a moderately successful podcast can generate the average podcaster a respectable $2000 – $3000 per month. The trick is to utilize advertising opportunities.

Here’s a look at 2019 and the top earning podcasts:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience $30 million.
  2. My Favourite Murder $15 million.
  3. The Dave Ramsey Show $10 million.

17. Only around 17% of podcasters record videos along with their podcast.

(Rachel Corbett)

Most podcasters tend not to record any video for their podcasts.

In addition, only 10% of podcasters broadcast live.

Not recording video lessens the impact of your podcast. Not recording live means you won’t cash in on live video popularity. If you doubt this, look at Facebook Live and the way it is dominating online video viewership.

Podcasts are designed by nature to be audio-based, as opposed to video. But podcast trends show that not recording video could actually be a missed opportunity.

With so many podcasts not having video, it would be wise to set yourself apart from the marketplace. It will also allow you to bolster more success in the less saturated video podcast market.

18. Advertisers are set to spend $500 million on podcast ads in 2020.

(Single Grain)

Podcast advertising statistics prove that advertisers are set to spend $500 million on podcast ads in 2020.

19. An average of 74% of podcasters wear headphones.

(Podcast Professors)

We often see podcasters wearing headphones. 

Why is this? 

Some of the best reasons to wear headphones are:

  • It can be pleasant and useful to hear your voice in the headphones –  headphones make your voice sound more authoritative, and can psychologically give you a boost of confidence, podcast facts show.
  • Wearing headphones can help you understand how you sound.

With that being said one of the craziest facts is that only 74% of podcasters record with headphones. The rest choose not to monitor at all. 

It would make sense to follow the example of the highest earning podcasts and wear headphones.

20. More people are listening to podcasts on Spotify, up to 46% more in total.

(Podcast Articles)

Spotify has increased monthly podcast listening in the US by an overall of 46%, podcast stats show.

The achievement marks a huge step for the company. Only a few years ago they faced an uphill climb when attempting to enter the podcast market, mainly because of their main competition of Apple. 

Most experts predicted that Spotify would buckle. 

But they didn’t.

Spotify podcast stats show that 46% of people in the 12-34 age bracket are listening to episodes. The number climbed – 39% in 2018. This huge increase in 2019 has provided Spotify with a great outlook for 2020.

21. Around 32% of Americans listen to podcasts regularly.


Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. There is a daily rise in listeners!

Studies show consistent rises in stats across the board. They all point to the current and overall growth of podcasts.

Podcast popularity statistics highlight that 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month.

22. Almost 82% of people listen to podcasts from home.

(Discover Pods)

With podcasts on the rise, statistics show that the majority of people listen from home (82%), while a good amount (52%) seem to like listening to episodes while driving around in their vehicles. And there is also a large percentage of listeners (41%) who enjoy listening to podcasts while walking around.

With Podcast growth statistics on the rise, the aforementioned methods are proving to be the most popular.

23. Almost 23% of Americans would have listened to a podcast in the last week.


Around 22% of people in the US (12 years and over) would have listened to a podcast in the last week.

This figure is nearly double than what it was in 2018! 

Podcasts are not only rising in popularity but doing so very quickly.

Podcast listeners statistics show that the upward trend will continue well into 2025.

24. An average of 34% of listeners prefer episodes to last no longer than 40 minutes.

(Improve Podcast)

Podcasts last for a varying amount of time. After all, there’s a lot of competition.

Podcast length seems less important compared to content. However, the duration of a podcast can mean the difference between podcast audience statistics being positive or negative.

The sweet spot when it comes to duration has been estimated to be around 30 to 40 minutes. Anything less or more, and a podcaster risks losing listeners.

25. Social media brings in 43% of most listeners.


For most podcasts, listeners are the holy grail leading to success. This is because more listeners equals more of an audience. A bigger audience means a larger chance of your podcast being used by advertisers. This inevitably leads to profitability, Apple podcast analytics show.

With that said, let’s look at the most common avenues through which most podcasts gain their listeners.

Please note: 

Although this list is based on statistics, it is by no means exhaustive.

  • Social media or online community – 43%
  • Word of mouth – 23%
  • Search podcast app’s directory – 16%
  • Search on Google – 12%
  • Browse through a podcast chart – 6%

Podcasts statistics clearly show that social media is an excellent avenue to gain podcast listeners.

To Sum It All Up

Podcasts offer knowledge in a convenient and easy-to-consume package. This fits perfectly with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. 

Podcast listener statistics show an unprecedented rise in podcast popularity!

In addition, many influencers, brands, and experts are starting to realize they can capitalize on this popularity by making their own podcasts. 

So are many ordinary people.

The next question you need to answer is… what’s your podcast gonna be about?

People Also Ask

Q: How Many Downloads Is a Successful Podcast?

For a podcast to be deemed as highly successful, the type of metrics that it needs to be showing are 50,000 or more within the first 30 days of being made available.

To be considered within the top 5 percentile, a podcast episode must be receiving around 9000 downloads per month.

To be in the top 10% of podcasts, an episode should be downloaded at least 3,000 times in one calendar month.

Q: How Much Money Do Podcasts Make?

Popular podcasters can command around $25 to $40 from advertisers for every 1,000 listeners they get.

Studies show that in 2019, the average podcast rates for advertising rates were $18 CPM (cost per 1,000 listeners) for a 30-second ad. $25 CPM was the rate for a 60-second ad.

Q: What Are Good Podcast Stats?

To be deemed as successful, Income School has shown that a podcast must have the met the following criteria:

  • Has been live for approximately 30 days and is averaging 141 downloads.
  • If the podcast has more than 3000 downloads it is classed as being in the top 10%.
  • Getting over 9000 downloads will put the podcast in the top 5%.
  • Having 50,000 downloads or over, will place a podcast in the top 1%.
Q: How Many Podcasts Exist Today?

How many podcasts are there? Although the figure fluctuates, the last count by Forbes had the estimated number at 750,000 podcasts, with more than 30 million episodes on the web in 2019.

Q: How Many People Listen to Podcasts?

In 2019, six million more Americans listen to podcasts weekly when compared to 2018.

This is 48 million people total, and up to 6 million from 2018.

Which means that, by any measure, there are a lot of listeners.

Q: Who Listens to Podcasts?

Podcast statistics show that podcasts are quickly becoming a cultural staple. Between 2013 and 2018, the percent of Americans over age 12 who had ever listened to a podcast jumped from 27% to 44%.  Yet just 17% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past week.