How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last
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How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last? Offline Viewing Explained

Netflix is among the most popular streaming services in the world. Its library of movies and TV shows has something for everyone. But what if you want to watch your favorites during a trip where you won’t have internet access? Can you download Netflix movies and shows? And if so, how long do Netflix downloads last? Read on to get answers to all of your questions!

Can I Download Movies and Shows From Netflix?

Can you watch Netflix offline? Yes, you can download Netflix shows and movies to tablets, phones, or PCs and watch them in your leisure time! Keep in mind that these downloads expire after some time. Otherwise, it would defy the purpose of a subscription service.

Let’s look at the two main things that affect the expiration date of Netflix downloads.

Title Availability

Some titles are available to download, and some aren’t. And how long do these downloads last on Netflix? With the titles you can download, most content will last for a week, but some titles may only last for 48 hours. The time will start counting down from the time you press Play.

You can always see how much time you have left to watch a movie or an episode after you’ve started playing it. Just go to the Downloads page, and you’ll see the time left next to each title.

Expiration Date

If a movie or a show is no longer available on Netflix, your download will also no longer be available no matter when you downloaded it. Many websites have sections that list titles set to leave Netflix up to a month in advance, so check out what’s leaving at least once a month.

How to Download Shows and Movies on Netflix

First, you need to have a Netflix account and the Netflix app. Once you have both of those things, you can start downloading movies and shows! If you’re having trouble installing the app, visit the official website to check if it’s compatible with your device. 

Now, let’s proceed by explaining how to download from Netflix.

Step 1: Find What You Want to Download

You can download any movie, episode, or season that has a downward arrow sign in its description. Search for a show or go through the Download page. You’ll have to keep the Netflix download limit in mind, as you can only have up to 100 active downloads per device depending on your subscription plan.

Step 2: Click on the Downward Arrow Symbol

After clicking on the download button (the arrow), your download will start. How long the download takes will depend on your internet connection. To avoid using your monthly data, you should use WiFi to download your binge-watching material.

How to Redownload Expired Shows and Movies

Unfortunately, sometimes you may not have enough time to watch everything before it expires. In that case, you may wish to redownload a movie or an episode. Here’s how to do it.

First, you need to locate the title on your Downloads page. From there, you must delete it and download it again. The Windows 10 app has a designated Renew Download button so that you can kill two birds with one stone. It’s as simple as that.

However, in some instances, the Netflix Renew Download button may not be working. Either it’s a title that doesn’t allow redownloading due to the licensing contracts in place, or the Netflix download limit prevents you from redownloading it. In the latter case, a message will pop up to inform you that, due to licensing, you can’t download a specific title until a specified date.

Netflix Smart Downloads

Now that you know how to download from Netflix manually, let’s introduce you to the Smart Downloads feature Netflix created to allow its users to speed up the process of downloading titles. And how better to speed up the process than by automating it?

Download Next Episode

This will automatically download the next episode of a show and delete the episodes you’ve already watched. It’s available on all devices that support downloads from Netflix.

Downloads for You

Netflix uses predictive analysis to download movies and shows it thinks you’ll like. Unlike the previous feature, it’s not available on all devices that support Netflix downloads. It only works on Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and some Chromebox and Chromebook devices.

Storage Location

It’s possible to store Netflix downloads on an SD card on Android and Amazon Fire. You can set the storage location by going to App Settings, clicking on Downloads, and selecting the preferred option under Download Location.

In Conclusion

In this article, we’ve explained how to download movies and shows on Netflix. Whether you’re planning a long trip or just want to have something to watch offline, the Netflix downloads feature it’s a great option to have. Just pay attention to the expiration dates and the Netflix download limit, and you’ll have plenty of time to watch your favorites before they expire.

How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last? FAQ

How do I stop a Netflix download from expiring?

Downloads on Netflix are set to expire after some time, but there are a few things you can do to prolong the expiration. For one, you can try redownloading the title before it expires. This will usually give you a little extra time. But if that doesn’t work, you can try watching it offline on another device, provided your subscription plan allows the use of another device.

Why can’t I download a particular title on Netflix?

There are several reasons why you can’t download certain titles. First, the title may only be available to stream, not download. This is usually due to the licensing agreements with the studios that produce the content. Second, some titles may only be available in certain regions. Finally, even if a title is available for download, it may only be available for a limited time. Once the rights to a title expire, Netflix removes it from its catalog, both streaming and downloading.

How many downloads can you have on Netflix?

You can have up to 100 downloaded titles on up to five devices at a time. How long do Netflix downloads last? It depends on the title and license, so you’ll need to redownload them if you want to keep on watching them. Be careful, though, as there might be a limit as to how many times you can download a particular title.