About the job

Policy Analyst & Digital Media Specialist

ITIF’s Center for Data Innovation is seeking a policy analyst and digital media specialist to expand its online presence and produce compelling digital content. The ideal applicant is part policy wonk and part digital media guru—someone who is both creative and analytical, a natural storyteller with a strong background in all aspects of digital and social media. The applicant will be responsible for translating complex information and messages into concise, visually interesting, factually accurate, and easy-to-understand digital graphics and video content to be shared and consumed online.

This position will be based in Washington, D.C. and report to the Center’s director.

Please note that due to uncertainties about the ongoing coronavirus threat, applicants must have their own computer, a broadband Internet connection, and a safe and appropriate place to telework.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Develop visually compelling digital content, such as graphics, infographics, charts, graphs, and illustrations, to clearly communicate messages in reports, presentations, and op-eds.
  • Collaborate with research team on the conception and design of data visualizations and other multimedia to amplify messages in reports and op-eds.
  • Research, write, shoot, produce, edit, and post regular video content providing analysis and commentary of tech policy issues.
  • Attend and summarize hearings and events and track legislation and regulations.
  • Manage, monitor, and increase engagement on various social media channels.


  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in public policy, economics, political science, statistics, information science, computer science, data journalism, visual journalism, digital media, or a related field or equivalent experience.
  • Experience in the use of professional design tools (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite) to develop and produce infographics, charts, graphs, gifs, and visual elements to be used across various digital and social media platforms.
  • Experience using software programs (e.g., Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Final Cut, etc.) to edit and produce video and animation assets for social media platforms.
  • Demonstrated ability to take complex data and arguments and make it understandable and visually appealing to different audiences
  • Excellent research, analytical, and organizational skills.
  • Dynamic on-camera presence and excellent interview skills
  • Demonstrated interest in technology and public policy.
  • Proactive and flexible, with an ability to meet deadlines while working on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.

Salary And Benefits

Competitive salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience, and includes a health benefits package, generous paid vacation, annual performance-based bonus, and public transportation benefit.

Application Process

  • To apply for this position, please submit the following to [email protected]:
  • Cover letter stating your specific interest and qualifications for the position (1 page, max). Resumes submitted without a tailored cover letter will not be considered;
  • Resume (1 page, max); and
  • A link to a portfolio or video.
  • Applications will be considered until the position is filled (last updated January 28, 2021).