About the job

Love journalism and podcasts? We want to hear from you! We’re looking for an excellent news writer/producer to join our team and work on our daily news podcast. The NewsWorthy presents the news in our signature “fast, fair, fun” style, which helps listeners stay informed, without feeling overwhelmed.

This is a fully-remote position and could be either part-time or full-time depending on the candidate’s desires & skillset.

A successful candidate pays close attention to detail and accuracy, always shares multiple perspectives in each story, has stellar news judgment and absolutely loves writing in a conversational tone to convey complicated topics in a digestible, short format.

You should be interested in and familiar with a wide variety of topics, including tech, business, politics and entertainment. The role includes researching, fact-checking and writing several stories in our brand voice for our daily news episodes.

Must be available to work afternoons/evenings Sun-Thurs.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Researching a wide variety of news topics and choosing which stories make it into each day’s podcast episode
  • Fact-checking and writing news from various sources in The NewsWorthy brand voice
  • Monitoring breaking news and updating scripts accordingly
  • Ensuring news stories fit within the overall episode and runtime
  • Filling-in for Executive Producer, as needed
  • Contributing to social media and other digital platforms (a full-time position may include additional work in this area)
  • Representing The NewsWorthy brand with professionalism, respect, and neutrality in all public-facing spaces (online and in-person)

Skills + Experience:

  • 4+ years experience in journalism
  • Experience and passion for breaking down and explaining current events in a clear, concise and conversational way across a wide variety of topics, including politics, tech, business, and entertainment
  • Values journalistic neutrality; understands the difference between informing and influencing (and only does the former)
  • Strong news judgment; ability to choose appropriate stories and see how each fits into the overall episode and brand
  • Works efficiently and independently while also collaborating well with the Executive Producer and welcoming feedback, as needed
  • Calm under pressure; adaptable and ready to switch gears quickly
  • Ideal full-time candidates also have social media and/or YouTube strategy know-how
  • Kind, respectful, resourceful, positive and humble