About the job

News Reporting and Producing:

  • KPBS News Reporters have a bevy of options to employ when providing news content: spot news, feature reports, cut and copy, live debrief, tape talk, field packages, photos, video, audio, blog posts, and newscasts. The primary flow of work will be to start a story online, shoot video on the topic and edit it or work in partnership with a videographer for longer pieces as needed, and move the gathered content across all news platforms.
  • The reporter, at the direction of the DNES, will follow the KPBS Strategic Plan and Editorial Vision.
  • The reporter researches topics, develops contacts and interviews sources, maintains notes and broadcast recordings, writes and edits reports, produces and voices reports for air, and works with a production unit to produce TV and multimedia productions.
  • Reports stories in appropriate forms for online and broadcast (live on-air, copy, actuality, cut & copy, voicer, wrap, feature, series, documentary, studio two-way, radio, TV, etc.)
  • Possesses excellent storytelling skills and high journalistic standards


  • Reads and follows major developments on general stories, and especially on issues s/he has covered in the past
  • Maintains contact lists and files for on-going continuity of coverage and accumulation of knowledge
  • Brainstorms story ideas with reporters, supervisor and producers of television, public affairs, and digital

Other Duties

Attends meetings, represents the station at public events, and is responsible for appropriate record keeping, correspondence, phone calls, supplies and equipment and other duties as assigned.


Minimum Education/Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree of equivalent work in journalism.
  • Minimum two years professional experience as a news journalist, preferable in TV and/or radio.
  • A minimum of one year’s experience in research, preferably in a broadcast or print news/interview setting.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Fluency in a foreign language, e.g. Spanish, in order to connect to San Diego’s diverse communities.
  • Prior experience covering science and/or technology
  • Data-driven journalism expertise in crunching data to find story trends.
  • Track record of accountability-driven journalism, including filing FOIA’s and/or PRA’s.
  • Experience using engagement tools such as Hearken
  • Demonstrated skills in using video and audio recording equipment, still cameras, and audio & video editing software.
  • Ability to successfully engage audience via social media.
  • Experience in digital production, including still photography.
  • Journalistic experience in public radio or television.
  • Possess some knowledge of current San Diego and regional issues.