Digital Marketing Manager

About the job

The Digital Marketing Manager works with the VP, Marketing Innovation for

Love & Company and its clients to manage the day-to-day tasks involved in the

successful implementation of predetermined digital media strategies.

Roles and Responsibilities

Media Planning

  • Work with client services team members to understand client goals, strategies and budgets
  • Develop annual media plans, allocating budget between traditional, digital and programmatic media options, and summarizing all recommendations in a written plan narrative
  • Present and review plan with client and client services team members
  • Participate in the quarterly marketing planning process with clients and client services, adjusting the annual plan to coordinate with the tailored plans for each quarter
  • Make recommendations throughout the year on potential adjustments to the plan and budget based on evaluation of result

Digital Media Management

  • Lead all paid search (e.g., Google, Bing) and social marketing (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) efforts for clients
  • Set up digital advertising accounts for new clients
  • Create and manage paid search and social media ad campaigns based on strategic direction. Be aware of client digital assets and use them to achieve lead generation results on various digital platforms.
  • Set up goals in Google Analytics and Google Ads for conversion tracking.
  • Execute A/B and multivariate experiments across media options
  • Perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimization for internal and external clients via Google Ads
  • Perform ongoing digital campaign optimization, such as bid updates, keyword analysis and additions, ad creation and/or fine-tuning, etc.
  • Collect and analyze data and metrics to identify trends and insights
  • Collaborate with other media and IMS team members to identify strategic opportunities, media platforms and content/assets to develop successful campaigns

Traditional Media Management

  • Research traditional media options for each clients’ market, gathering media kits and rate information for each
  • Negotiate placement rates and contracts
  • Place media insertion orders
  • Collect tear sheets from media vendors
  • Review media invoices and approve for payment


  • Maintain a calendar of due dates for results reporting for each client
  • Prepare monthly reports recapping results for traditional, digital and social campaigns, including key insights gained from the previous month, plus recommendations for adjusting campaigns and improving results in future months
  • Closely review all reports for accuracy and consistency prior to presenting to client services
  • Review results and recommendations with client services team prior to presenting to clients
  • Participate (if and as needed) in monthly and quarterly reporting meetings with clients, leading the presentation of media results and recommendations

Additional Roles & Responsibilities

Represent Love & Company professionally in client meetings when presenting media strategies and reporting results
Manage predetermined campaign expenses and adhere to budgets
Support other IMS teams in developing and implementing integrated campaign strategies/tactics
Draft and keep track of best practice documentation and instructional checklists that complement the IMS department and its clients
Manage the revenue recognition process for digital advertising optimization and setup projects, as well as media expenses


This is an independent contributor position on the IMS team. The individual should have the following experience and capabilities:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, digital media or relevant field
  • Proven work experience as a digital media specialist or equivalent
  • Experience in digital display and programmatic advertising
  • ·Expertise in building and managing Google Ads and Bing paid search campaigns (Google Certification preferred)
  • Experience in social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) advertising
  • Experience researching, planning and placing traditional media
  • Work well in a team environment and have strong communications skills
  • Well-organized and have the ability to multi-task and manage workload efficiently in order to meet deadlines
  • Detail-oriented and analytical
  • Strong numeracy skills
  • Basic knowledge of Macintosh computers, especially with Microsoft Office and database management
  • Ability to remain in stationary position 50% of the time